Less margin more customers

26 years back, I read few pricing strategies at the university i:e 1) Skim the Cream, 2) Penetration Strategy. Skim the Cream is basically offering a higher price at the initial stage and as the market grows, the price can be lowered gradually. While as Penetrating strategy pertains to offering lower price to enter the [...]

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ZTP Zahid Tractor Parts Massive Warehouse Facility in Jebel Ali is operation now

ZTP Zahid Tractor Parts FZCO opens up it mega-warehouse facility in Jebel Ali, UAE to manage its operations and supply chain across Middle East region. This facility will serve as hub to ensure smooth delivery of earthmoving equipment and spare parts for brands like: Komatsu, Caterpillar, and Shantui. Mr. Zahid has a vision to become [...]

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