Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Yes, you can “Edit” or “Delete” any information of your Company Profile or Business Line at any given time.
  2. Editing User Profile: Just click the “Edit Profile” button in the below screen and you can update the information. Please make sure to “Save” the information after updating it.


3. Editing Company Profile: You can edit your “Company Profile” at any time. Company profile pertaining to the basic information about your company.  Please make sure to “Save” the information after editing it.


4. Editing Business Line: Under the “Edit Company Profile”, you will find the section to edit or delete your already defined business line. However, please note that you can only “Add” or “Delete” a business line. For example, if you want to add the “Business Line”, just click the button as shown in screen below and it would take you to “Add Category” section.


  1. After you have define the business profile of your company and “Submitting” it. You can start defining the Business Line under the “Add Category” section. Based on the defined Business Line in this section, your company will be Searchable through Search options available at the Home Page for the visitors.
  2. You can only create your Business Profile after you have your “Company Profile” first otherwise this will not be reflected in the search options at the Home Page.
  3. Choose appropriate categories from the various options under “Add Category” section. However, under the each Category shown below, you can only save one category at one time. For example, if you are a “Dealer” of Heavy Equipment Spare parts and also the “Service Provider” of any particular Brand, you will need to first create and save profile as a “Dealer” and then as a “Service Provider”.


4. Once you have selected the required Category applicable to your business, you can choose your    “Product Line” and “Equipment/Machine Type”. In the “Equipment/Machine Type” section, you can choose multiple options at one time.


5. If for example you do not find the “Equipment/Machine Type” that you deal with in this section, please help us improve this Portal by typing the name of the machine that you find missing in the list in the below section. We will Add that “Equipment/Machine Type” for you so that you can promote your products/services in a better way.


6. After you have defined the “Equipment/Machine Type” in the above section, the next step is to choose the appropriate “Brands” against the equipment or machine that you deal with. You can select multiple brands in this section and can also provide us information in case you are unable to find any particular brand in this section. Again, we would Add that brand for your in our portal if you cannot find it in selection menu. Please remember to click “Save” button after you are done with your profile building.

Congratulation, you company Business Profile has been created.


1.     Click “Login/Register” on top right corner of Home Page as shown below.


2.       A new page will appear. Click “Create an Account” button


3.       A new page will appear.  Please fill all the required fields in this section. The User Name and Email that you provide here will be used to Login to the Portal at the later Stage. After providing all the information, click the “Register” button


4.   After you click the “Register” button above, an email will be sent to your email address which will have an embedded “Activation” link. Please click the Activation Link as shown below. Sometimes different email filters or settings can move legitimate emails to “Junk” or “Spam” folders. Just to make sure that you receive this Activation email, please check your “Spam” or “Junk” folders as well if you do not get this email in your Inbox.


5.   After you click the “Activate Account” link as shown above, you will receive a Welcome email from our team providing you with your Login and Password information.

6.   You may now Login to your account and start building your Profile.



  1. Once you Login to www.eequipt.com by providing the “User Name” or “Your Given Email” and your “Password” as received in the email. You will get the following window.


 2. You can provide all basic information about your company in this view for example Name of the Company, Email, Telephone, City, Country, Contact Person, and Business Description.

3.  Also please do not forget to upload your Company Logo in this view which will be visible to all the users on the Home Page when they access your company profile.

4.  In the “Description” section of this view, please be precise about the business of your company as the description provided here will be used to search your company profile from Home Page through various Search options.

5.  After completing your “Company Profile”, please make sure to click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

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