Radeef AL HAMOOD CENTER We have available stock of FP Diesel, BULLDOG Piston seals and Original Caterpillar filters at our Jeddah Branch.

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A global market place to facilitate the trading of heavy equipment, its spare parts, and supporting services.


  • Fair business practices
  • Happy workplace environment
  • Teamwork


If you are a manufacturer , dealer, retailer, or wholesaler of heavy equipment and its spare parts, Eequipt.com can help you grow your business and promote it to global market. Just become a member and define your company profile and business portfolio.

After you become a member, your company will be searchable by the visitors with regards to your defined business lines. For example, if you are a spare parts retailer for any particular earth moving equipment like excavator, bulldozer, or wheel loader and you have defined this precisely in your business profile, the visitors searching for such equipment spare parts supplier at the home page will get the return result of your company. This however, is only possible if you define your business line precisely.

We also provide a unique opportunity to advertise at Eequipt.com. For example, if you chose to Auction or Rent out your heavy equipment, you can contact us to advertise it for you on our home page.


If you are engaged in earth moving equipment business in any form, we provide a unique opportunity to find the right match for your business partnership and trading needs.

Just create your company profile and its line of business after registering with us and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Introduce and promote your business in the new markets worldwide
  • Search for the right suppliers for specific brands and equipment
  • Stay focused to your product line by targeting the right customers
  • Build long term business relation with your suppliers
  • Find nearest locations of workshops & service providers

For more information, you can contact us at: info@eequipt.com